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Rejoining Patti LaBelle on the road!


I am excited to announce that I will be rejoining the band of the legendary Queen of Soul and Rock, Patti LaBelle!  It's been nearly ten years since the last time I toured with this living legend!  Now during the Covid Era, touring and performing is a much different animal.  But God-willing, the proper precautions and protocols will allow the show to go on, as Patti is still in rare form!  Hope to see you all (from a distance) out on the scene!

Stay Safe out there!  (Performance Dates on the "Shows" Page)

Making Music during Quarantine


When the Quarantine Orders first started to affect everyone's ability to work, I was recording from home, still teaching, and then working with our own family on establishing their new home schooling situations. It was a bit of a shock to the system initially, but I also realized within the first few days that we would all need some additional encouragement to get through the coming changes.  That's when I called up a few friends in town and told them about my idea of starting a series of the highest calibre, music videos all recorded remotely from the confines of our individual homes to show that the artistic community could still continue to do what we love, except with more of a unified purpose now.

And so was born the "Coronatet Series," and I could not be happier with how the music, INTENSIVE video editing, and the underlying messaging was received all around the world.  To check out the series, go to the Videos Section of the website, and see for yourself what we were able to achieve together!  I hope it may inspire you to find a way or make one to keep spreading love in whatever way your passions lead you.

Reopening My Teaching Studio- June 2020!!


Since schools and business shut their doors to allow people the ability to stay home and help slow the spread of Covid-19, I as well as the entirety of the American Education System have been forced to develop new ways to transition all of classes and teaching responsibilities to distance learning scenarios.  While my schedule is too busy to take on any new students while school is still in sessions, I plan on opening my studio up to the many students and working adults that have sent me requests after the school term ends this summer.  I am overwhelmed with appreciation at the volume of requests for private instruction!  So beginning in Mid May, I will make available online signup resources for those still interested in studying with me.  Lessons will begin on June 1 following an initial evaluation.  Let's grow together!

All Live Shows Cancelled Until Further Notice


All Live Appearances, Shows, and Filming Projects have been put on hiatus until further notice.  This is pretty unfortunate for the entire industry, as I know the personal losses that I am sustaining as a result of the shutdowns.  I am hopeful with news emerging here and there of planned rescheduling, but I will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC in making decisions in the safest possible way.  I look forward to getting in front of the people again someday soon, but until then I will remain vigilant in protecting the health of myself, my family, and my friends.  I hope to see you all again on the other side of this pandemic.  Be safe!

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